Couch Yoga- Change Your Life from the Comfort of Your Couch!


Couch yoga is an important part of the transformation process. Changing the cells requires vast amounts of energy and the body needs time to adjust to the new higher frequencies. Couch yoga is not lying there moaning and swigging on a cold beer watching TV, that’s couch potato. Couch yoga is a very precise process of bringing your consciousness to the shifting cellular structures in your body. By observing and bringing consciousness to the micro and macro movements in your body, transformation occurs. Rather than just ignoring what is transpiring inside, conscious gratitude transforms the tiniest of shifts creating the new framework for your life.

The key is to be comfortable and feel safe as these inner events transpire. When things get too intense, move your body and shift your focus to feeling good. Find the luscious delicious safety flowing in your body. There are times when the body needs rest as it transforms. Sink into the process, enjoy the delight of inner movement with conscious attention and great joy can be experienced while lying on the couch under your favorite blanket. Couch yoga is a process of bringing conscious, non-judgmental observation to what is happening in the body, while finding luscious, joyful delight.

The body needs safety to change. The couch, the floor, the closet, a car, the banks of a river, a tent in the woods, are all places where your body can feel safe, or whatever works for you. Keep opening your feet, sending the energy into the center of the earth. Melt into the couch or the floor and feel the support as your body experiences deep safety and support. Pain may be present, give it gratitude and find the pleasure, support and safety. Go back and forth like a ping-pong ball between the pain and pleasure as the body transmutes. Just beyond the edge of discomfort in the body is great delicious flowing energy, like melting chocolate joy.

Couch yoga is a deep spiritual mind body practice that transforms your life. No rigid practice, not contorted stances to hold, no sitting still back straight with your knees crossed, just resting in sheer delight in your body as it transforms. Great adventures and universes await as you deepen your practice of couch yoga. Who you are is a magnificent being expanding into your true Self.

To learn more about couch yoga and to get a direct experience of couch yoga, download these audios now. The audio meditation ‘Expanded Self ~Part 1 takes you through a step-by-step process to explore your masterful creations, reclaim your power and experience your vast abundance. I invite you to take this opportunity to explore this new depth of transformation in your life.

The audio mediation visualization ‘Create!helps you to release old patterns and blocks that limit your creativity, connect to your hearts desire & purpose and allow your unique gifts to manifest. Using Gratitude the audio takes you on a step-by-step process to release your creativity.

The Art of Radical Gratitude gives the tools along with stunning photos to guide you through the transformation process.


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